7 Screenshot Tools for Windows and Mac OS recommended 2023!

7 Screenshot Tools for Windows and Mac OS recommended 2023!

Screenshot or in Indonesian means screen capture, is a feature that has many uses. With this feature, you can save something you want to keep, such as a screenshot of the title of a paper that you are looking for but haven’t had time to read completely. Or screenshot quotes that can motivate yourself.

Usually on some personal computers or laptops there are built-in tools that can be used to take screenshots. Even so, of course there are still some computers or laptops that require tools to take screenshots via third parties.

Below are the 7 most recommended screenshot applications for Windows and Mac OS in 2023 that you can really use. Anything? Come on, let’s look at them one by one.


Has anyone heard the name of this tool? Or have you actually used it before? The Lightshot tool is very simple and easy to use with quite a lot of features on offer but is packaged concisely. When you activate the Lightshot tool, the application will display a dark and light transparent box area. You can move or change it according to the area you screenshot.

If you have finished selecting the area you want to screenshot, you can save it by clicking the save icon or copy it by clicking the copy icon. Very easy, right?

     Snipping Tool

So, you are definitely familiar with this tool or application, right? Snipping tools are applications for screenshots from third parties that are directly embedded in Windows users from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

What is its main use? Of course, to take screenshots in full, or only in certain areas as you wish. The Snipping Tool is also useful when informatics study program students want to take a screenshot of the code or appearance of the application they are studying in the context of programming or software development.


Has anyone heard of this tool? Skitch is a multiplatform screenshot application that can be used on Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Skitch offers three features for taking screenshots, the first is region, black and full screen. Just like the previous screenshot tool, with Skitch you can also edit your screenshots, you know!


ShareX is an open source application, which means you can download and use it for free! Isn’t it great to get something free?

Even though it’s free, the features that ShareX has are no less than paid applications or tools, you know! What are the features? You can do scrolling captures or take long screenshots in various applications, you can even add a watermark to the screenshots.

Apart from that, this tool is also very useful for Informatics study program students to collaborate with teams or study group members on software development projects or research projects. Skitch also allows students to mark up and provide visual explanations of programming code, diagrams, and algorithm schematics. It doesn’t stop there, the advantage that ShareX has is that your screenshots can be shared on various platforms. Even though this tool is free, it is also ad-free. So it won’t interfere with your activities while using it.


This tool may not sound familiar to your ears, right? Of course, because this tool is designed for professional use. The features provided are also different from the others, not only the screen capture feature. You can also create videos or GIFs using Snagit. Very useful if used by content creators, right?


Next, there is an application called TinyTake which you can also use to capture the screen. But not only that, you can use this application to take videos and photos. TinyTake comes in two versions, apart from the free version there is also a paid version. Which of course has more complete features, such as users being able to provide annotations on screenshots. But unfortunately this tool is a little complicated, you have to log in first to get screenshots.


The name sounds unique and funny, right? Does anyone know or have used this tool? Surely almost all Windows users have opened or used Microsoft Paint, right? The PicPick application looks like it combines the ability to capture the screen as well as editing that is different from the others. You can add text, images or change the shape. Almost the same as if you edited using


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