5 Tips for Social Media Ethics in Islam

5 Tips for Social Media Ethics in Islam

Faculty of Computer and Engineering – In a digital era full of social media platforms, Muslims are given the responsibility to adhere to Islamic ethics principles in interacting online. Social media is not only a platform to share information, but it can also be a means to reinforce Islamic values. Here are five Islamic social media etiquette tips that can guide Muslims to keep their online behavior in line with religious teachings.

1. Speak Wisely and Politely

In Islam, the guidance to speak with wisdom and politeness is highly emphasized. This applies online as well. When using social media, avoid words that are rude, demeaning, or hurt other people’s feelings. Convey your opinions with good and straightforward language, without ignoring the norms of courtesy taught in Islam.

2. Maintaining Privacy and Aurat

One of the important principles in Islam is to maintain privacy and aurat. When using social media, avoid sharing unnecessary personal information or posting photos that are not in line with Islamic values. Maintain the honor of yourself and others by being careful in sharing personal content.

3. Spreading Kindness and Knowledge

Social media can be a means to spread kindness and knowledge. In Islam, spreading useful knowledge is a jariyah charity that continues to flow even after a person dies. Use social media platforms to share information that is positive, motivating, and provides benefits to others.

4. Avoiding Fitnah and Ghibah

Islam strictly forbids fitnah (social media slander) and ghibah (backbiting). Avoid participating in spreading false or unverified information that could harm someone’s reputation. Before spreading news, make sure it is true and fair.

5. Maintaining Time and Productivity

Interacting on social media should not consume excessive time and interfere with daily worship obligations and productivity. Islam teaches the importance of using time wisely. Don’t let social media hinder your productivity and religious obligations.

By following the principles of social media etiquette in Islam, Muslims can make their online experiences a form of worship and good deeds. By maintaining these ethics, it is hoped that social media can be a tool that brings benefits and brings us closer to Allah SWT.


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