The Importance of Character Education in Today’s Youth

The Importance of Character Education in Today’s Youth

Faculty of Computer and Engineering – Hey guys, adolescence is that period when we’re transitioning from being kids to becoming adults. During this time, we experience emotional turbulence because our bodies are growing and changing, which can also affect our minds. In such situations, we really need guidance from adults to prevent us from falling into negative behaviors. This is why character education is crucial for teenagers today!

The juvenile delinquency we often hear about nowadays has various causes. Some teens become street thugs or even get involved in crimes often due to economic problems. Others fall into drugs, illegal substances, or engage in promiscuous sex, mainly because of peer influence. Some start smoking, using foul language, being disrespectful, getting into fights with parents or teachers, and there are even cases of teenage pregnancies, all of which indicate a lack of character education.

This is a serious problem for today’s generation of teenagers. It signifies a moral decline stemming from a character crisis within our teens. The reasons are numerous, including inadequate character education from parents who are busy with their work and careers, to the bad influence of peers. This is what is known as a character crisis among teenagers today, and we need to address it together, with support from parents, schools, and the community.

Why is character education so important for today’s teenagers? Here are a few reasons that explain it:

1. Character education can help tackle the moral crisis that is rampant. For example, violence among teenagers, delinquency against peers, theft, drug abuse, or pornography.

2. Adolescence is a time when we are most vulnerable to environmental influences, both good and bad. Character education can help us avoid negative influences from the outside.

3. In the rapidly developing digital era, which changes all aspects of life, culture, and education, character education is essential. It helps us behave according to prevailing norms.

4. Due to globalization and increasingly complex international relations, along with advanced communication and transportation technologies, character education has become a crucial need for today’s teenagers.

5. We also need to adapt to a society that has transitioned to a knowledge, information, and network society. Therefore, character education is important for success in life.

The functions of character education for teenagers are many. We can learn to be good people, with positive thoughts and behaviors. We can also learn about tolerance, love for peace, hard work, creativity, independence, and a curiosity for new knowledge.

So, when we’re searching for our identity and experiencing emotional turbulence, we really need this education to become excellent and accomplished individuals. In achieving education, we are taught values such as religious beliefs, tolerance, love for peace, hard work, creativity, independence, and a constant desire to learn new things. This education is truly important for our teenage years, bro!




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