Bill Gates Reveals New Technology ‘Apocalypse’ Smartphones are real

Bill Gates Reveals New Technology ‘Apocalypse’ Smartphones are real

Bill Gates is a figure in the technology industry who often makes predictions come true and is a reformer in the information systems and technology industry. In his presentation in 1994, he predicted the existence of e-wallets and Google Maps. Recently, he predicted a new technology that would replace smartphones called electronic tattooing. This is proven by Chaotic Moon, a biotechnology-based company which is said to be developing this technology.

Bill Gates Reveals New Technology Marca’s electronic tattoo is capable of analyzing and collecting information about the human body, including medical and sports information, of its users, which can be stored in a health information system. This information can prevent and treat user illnesses. In addition, it can improve physical and sports performance through vital functions.

Tattoos are temporarily attached to the skin with small sensors and tracking devices that send and receive information using special electrically conducting ink. It sends and receives information using special ink that conducts electricity.

However, it turns out that Bill Gates is not happy with the use of electronic tattoos. The 66-year-old man hopes to replace his smartphone, he hopes the tattoo will provide similar functions, such as calling, sending SMS and even searching for addresses. The idea Bill Gates Reveals New Smartphone Technology, seen in several Hollywood films, is that people can use the electronic tattoo developed by Chaotic Moon to make calls, send messages or look up addresses.

Apart from that, the estimated release time of the electronic tattoo was not discussed further. It also includes information on when the technology will be sold on the market. The Microsoft founder and his team are said to be looking for ways to get the new device into people’s hands. Just like people do with smartphones today.

Bill Gates Reveals New Smartphone Technology in that it turns out to have the impact of smartphone addiction which can be felt when today’s increasingly sophisticated technology is used for positive and useful things. However, if it is misused for negative things, it will lead to deviant behavior both socially, psychologically and otherwise. One way is to use online games to entertain yourself and make lots of friends in cyberspace/online.

Related to social isolation and neurosis, a number of problems arise, namely inappropriate attitudes in using devices and online games. This problem causes teenagers’ attitudes to become deviant, becoming more aggressive. Parenting classes are group classes, namely classes where parents can share information about parenting. Through parenting classes, parents can obtain information about various parenting techniques. We see the phenomenon of increasing numbers of young children addicted to gadgets, especially during the corona pandemic.

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