Digital Technology for Millennials

Digital Technology for Millennials

Faculty of Computer and Engineering – Millennials is the term for the generation born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s or early 2000s. This term is used to identify groups of people who have similar characteristics and experiences, who are considered different from previous and subsequent generations. Not only that, but millennial are a capable generation, have very high enthusiasm and also have very extensive knowledge in developing, improving and also advancing a country. In achieving a revolution in a country, it is usually led by millennial who use the system. information. Due to various developments that encourage digital technology in Indonesia, the millennial generation is increasingly motivated to develop and utilize it. Digital technology has privileges and benefits that can be felt by all levels of society, especially the millennial generation in Indonesia. The benefit of Digital Technology is that it helps work in creating, changing, storing, conveying information and providing that information quickly, precisely, with quality and efficiently through information systems that they control.

Digital Technology For Millennials has expanded and is showing itself in various aspects of life. In the current digital era, many millennial in Indonesia utilize various types of digital technology in the telecommunications sector. A study reported by noted that in 2017 there were more than 132 million internet users in Indonesia with a growth rate of 51% in just one year. Currently, almost all Indonesian people, especially millennials in Indonesia, can easily communicate using various sophisticated tools. Not only that, millennials also easily create digital content in Indonesia by using various types of digital platforms available such as websites, blogs, and various other types of social media, using technological tools such as Smartphones, Laptops, Computers, and so on.

Digital Technology For Millennials is very important to know. In the world of education, millennials in Indonesia can also take advantage. The use of various sophisticated tools such as computers and smartphones really helps millennials in getting various sources of information regarding various types of learning materials through supporting applications that are related to the world of education in Indonesia. Not only that, millennials can also access several learning materials from various countries by opening special websites on the internet containing learning materials. Not only that, millennials also use various types of digital technology as a medium to increase motivation and interest in learning, especially in the fields of education and technology.

Not only in the world of education but in the world of banking it can also be utilized by millennials. With developments over time, various types of digital technology in Indonesia have become increasingly sophisticated. Technology in the world of banking includes ATM machines, mobile banking and so on which can make it easier for customers, especially millennials, to withdraw money and carry out transactions and manage their finances well.

Then, the use of digital technology in the world of work has not escaped millennials. With the various innovations in digital technology, the work of millennials is very easy. One example is using social media to promote products or services. And also, the existence of E-commerce is also used by millennials as a means of buying and selling online. Not only that, there are several other fields that are also felt and utilized by millennials in Indonesia. Examples are in the fields of health, hobbies, lifestyle, and so on. The role of information technology and digital technology in Indonesia for millennials cannot be avoided by sophisticated tools such as computers, smartphones, televisions and other sophisticated devices. Because of this, millennials will always look forward to improving and developing various types of digital technology in Indonesia. Because it will be millennials who will enjoy and use this well, appropriately and efficiently.

Digital technology that is currently developing means a lot to millennials, because they are the ones who will use and utilize it properly and correctly. Not only that, millennials will also continue to develop and update Digital Technology and Information Technology will become even more advanced.

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